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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter W

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Wilson Picket More about Wilson Picket Ticket
'I've got the Wilsons for Saturday, mate. Meet me in the Earl of Wakefield around 12.'

Wind and Kite More about Wind and Kite Web site
'Check out my new wind and kite'

Winona Ryder More about Winona Ryder Cider

Wobbly Jelly More about Wobbly Jelly Telly

Wooden Pews More about Wooden Pews News
'Did you see the wooden pews last night?'

Wooly Hat and Scarf More about Wooly Hat and Scarf Laugh

Wormwood Scrubs More about Wormwood Scrubs Pub
'Comin down the Wormwood Scrubs?'

Worzel Gummidge More about Worzel Gummidge Rummage
'Have a Worzel in that box'

Wrigley's Gum More about Wrigley Bum
'She deserves a slap on the Wrigley's'

Wyatt Earp More about Wyatt Earp Burp
'Gawd, Didn't I let this great big Wyatt out'

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