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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter U

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Uncle Ben More about Uncle Ben Ten
'Lend me an Uncle Ben will you?'

Uncle Bert More about Uncle Bert Shirt

Uncle Billy More about Uncle Billy Chilly

Uncle Bob More about Uncle Bob Job

Uncle Fester More about Uncle Fester Child Molester
'Keep away he's a Fester!'

Uncle Fred More about Uncle Fred Bread

Uncle Gus More about Uncle Gus Bus
'Let's catch the Uncle Gus.'

Uncle Ned More about Uncle Ned
'I'm Cream Crackered. I'm off to my Uncle Ned.'

Uncle Ned More about Uncle Ned

Uncle Reg More about Uncle Reg Veg

Uncle Ted More about Uncle Ted Bed

Uncle Toby More about Uncle Toby Moby (mobile phone)

Uncle Willy More about Uncle Willy Silly

Uncles and Aunts More about Uncles and Aunts Plants
'Just had to dirty daughter me uncles and aunts'

Union Jack More about Union Jack Back

Unscheduled Meeting More about Unscheduled Meeting Beating
'Shut up or there would be an unscheduled meeting'

Uri Gella More about Uri Gella Pint of Stella
'Get us a pint of Uri.'

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