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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter T

Tony Blair More about Tony Blair
'Sit On Your Tony'

Tony Blair More about Tony Blair

Tony Blair More about Tony Blair
'My boss is a total Tony Blair!'

Tony Slattery More about Tony Slattery Battery

Tooting Bec More about Tooting Bec Peck (of food)
'I'm feeling a bit Tooting Beckish'

Top Hat More about Top Hat Chat

Touch Me On the Knob More about Touch Me On the Knob Bob (shilling)

Town Crier More about Town Crier Liar

Tramp On A Bench More about Tramp On A Bench Wench

Trevor Sinclair More about Trevor Sinclair Nightmare

T-rex More about T-rex Text
'T-rex me on my phone'

Trombone More about Trombone Phone

Trouble and Strife More about Trouble and Strife Wife
'Me Trouble and Strife's at home with the Bin Lids.'

Tube of Glue More about Tube of Glue Clue
'I ain't gotta Tube a Glue'

Tufnell Park More about Tufnell Park Lark (fun)

Tumble Down the Sink More about Tumble Down the Sink Drink

Tung Chee Hwa More about Tung Chee Hwa Bra

Tuppence a pound More about Tuppence a pound Ground
'I found it on the Tuppence'

Turin Shroud More about Turin Shroud Cloud
'There isn't a Turin in the Apple Pie (sky) today.'

Turkish Bath More about Turkish Bath Laugh

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