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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter T

This and That More about This and That Cat

Thomas Edison More about Thomas Edison Medicine
'Just been to the doctors to collect my thomas'

Thomas Tilling More about Thomas Tilling Shilling

Thora Hird More about Thora Hird Turd
'Oh! I'm dying for a Thora'

Tick Tock More about Tick Tock Knock

Ticket to the Dance More about Ticket to the Dance Redundance
'He's got a ticket to the dance'

Tick-Tock More about Tick-Tock Clock

Tilbury Docks More about Tilbury Docks Socks

Tin Bath More about Tin Bath Laugh

Tin Lids More about Tin Lids Kids

Tin Tack More about Tin Tack Sack
'Got the Tin Tack this morning. Now I'm on the Rock'n'Roll again.'

Tin Tank More about Tin Tank Bank

Tit For Tat More about Tit For Tat Hat
'Bit parky outside - best put on me Titfer.'

Titfer More about Titfer Hat (tit for tat)
'Put on yer Titfer and let's go for a Ball of Chalk.'

To and From More about To and From Pom

Toblerone More about Toblerone
On my own

Toblerone More about Toblerone
'I've been sitting here for hours on my Tobler.'

Toby Ale More about Toby Ale Rail

Toby Jug More about Toby Jug

Toby Jug More about Toby Jug
Lug (ear)
'I've put a splash of aftershave behind my Toby Jugs'

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