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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter S

Stirling Moss More about Stirling Moss Toss
'I don't give a stirling mate'

Stock Market Crash More about Stock Market Crash Slash; to urinate
'Excuse me while I nip off for a quick Stock Market'

Stoke On Trent More about Stoke On Trent
Bent (criminal)

Stop Thief More about Stop Thief Beef

Strange and Weird More about Strange and Weird Beard

Strawberry Rhone More about Strawberry Rhone Phone

Strawberry Split More about Strawberry Split Git (twit)

Strawberry Tart More about Strawberry Tart Heart
'My strawberry only beats for you, treacle'

Street Fighter More about Street Fighter
'Pass me the Street Fighter will you?'

Street Fighter More about Street Fighter
'Who's got a street fighter?'

String o' Beads More about String o Leeds
'Gonna watch String o' beads tonight'

Sue Lawley More about Sue Lawley Poorly
'I'm feeling a bit Sue Lawley'

Sunday Roast More about Sunday Roast Post

Sunny Dancer More about Sunny Dancer Cancer
'Wot's wrong with him? 'Es got sunny dancer innee?'

Supersonic More about Supersonic
Gin and tonic

Supersonic More about Supersonic

Surrey Docks More about Surrey Docks Pox

Surries (Surrey Docks) More about Surries (Surrey Docks) Pox
'Stay away she's got the Surries'

Swanee River More about Swanee River Liver

Sweaty Sock More about Sweaty Sock

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