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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter S

Sol campbell More about Sol campbell
'Coming for a Sol Campbell'

Son and Daughter'd More about Son and Daughter Slaughtered

Sooty And Sweep More about Sooty And Sweep Sleep
'I could do with some Soot.'

Sorry and Sad More about Sorry and Sad Bad

Soup and Gravy More about Soup and Gravy Navy

Sov More about Sov Pound (currency)

Space Hopper More about Space Hopper Copper
'There goes a Space Hopper.'

Spanish Archer More about Spanish Archer Elbow

Spanish Onion More about Spanish Onion Bunion

Spanish Waiter More about Spanish Waiter
'Go down the greengrocers and buy a dozen nice Spanish Waiters. '

Spanish Waiter More about Spanish Waiter
See ya' later
'Spanish Waiter darlin!'

Spark Plugs More about Spark Plugs Drugs

Speckled Hen More about Speckled Hen Ten (£10)
'Lend us a Speckled son.'

Spiders and Bugs More about Spiders and Bugs Thugs

Spider's web More about Spider Pleb

Sportsman's Bet More about Sportsman Internet
'He spends a lot of time on the Sportsman's .'

Spotty Dog More about Spotty Dog Bog (toilet)
'I just need to pop into the Spotty.'

Sprarsy Anna More about Sprarsy Anna Tanner (sixpence)

Spuds More about Spuds Cold (derived from Potatoes in the Mould)
'It's spuds tonight!'

Squid More about Squid Quid (£1)
'Have you got a Squid.'

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