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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter R

Rabbit and Pork More about Rabbit and Pork Talk
'She would not stop Rabbitting!'

Rabbit Hutch More about Rabbit Hutch
'I wouldn't buy that Jam Jar mate, the Rabbit's shot.'

Rabbit Hutch More about Rabbit Hutch
'I just got kicked in the Rabbit 'Utch'

Rachel Hunter More about Rachel Hunter Munter
'She's a bit of a Rachel Hunter'

Radio Rental More about Radio Rental Mental (crazy)

Randolph Scott More about Randolph Scott Spot

Rant an Rave More about Rant an Rave Shave
'When I wake up I have a Rant an Rave'

Raquel Welch More about Raquel Welch Belch

Raspberry Tart More about Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Tart More about Raspberry Tart

Rat and Mouse More about Rat and Mouse House

Rats and Mice More about Rats and Mice Dice

Rattle and Hum More about Rattle and Hum Come

Ray Mears More about Ray Mears Beers
'I'm going down the pub for a few Ray Mears''

Razor More about Razor Blazer

Real Madrid More about Real Madrid Quid

Red 'n' Yella More about Red Umbrella

Red Red Rubies More about Red Red Rubies Boobies
'"Hey, Red , Reds!" - when you see a nice pair!'

Red Rose More about Red Rose Nose

Reels of Cotton More about Reels of Cotton
'Hh my God that bird was propa Reels of Cotton'

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