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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter R

Rub-A-Dub More about Rub-A-Dub Pub
'Fancy the Rubber?'

Rubber Dub More about Rubber Dub Sub

Rubber Duck More about Rubber Duck

Rubber Glove More about Rubber Glove Love

Rubber Gregory More about Rubber Gregory Bouncing Cheque (Bouncing Gregory Peck)

Rubik's Cube More about Rubik
'Shall we go on the Rubic's?'

Ruby Murray More about Ruby Murray Curry
'Let's go for a few pints then a Ruby'

Ruby Red More about Ruby Red Head

Rug Rats More about Rug Rats Toddlers / children (Brats)
'Who's are those Rug Rats causing all the noise?'

Rum and Coke More about Rum and Coke Joke

Runner Bean More about Runner Bean queen
'The Runner Bean Was On Telly'

Russell Crowe More about Russell Crowe Dough (money)
'I've got no Russell Crowe'

Russell Harty More about Russell Harty Party

Rusty Lee More about Rusty Lee Wee
'I'm gawn for a Rusty Lee.'

Rusty Nail More about Rusty Nail Jail

Ruud Hullit More about Ruud Hullit Gullet (throat)
'Went straight down my 'Ruud Hullit''

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