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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter P

Peter Pan More about Peter Pan

Peter Purvis More about Peter Purvis Nervous
'I am a bit Peter Pervis about my exam'

Petrol Pump More about Petrol Pump Hump
'He had the right petrol pump last night'

Philharmonic More about Philharmonic Gin and Tonic

Piccadilly More about Piccadilly Silly

Piccadilly Percy More about Piccadilly Percy Mercy

Piccolo and Flute More about Piccolo and Flute Suit

Pick and Mix More about Pick and Mix Sticks (countryside)
'It's ages seen I been out in the pick 'n mix'

Pie and Liquor More about Pie and Liquor Vicar

Pie and Mash More about Pie and Mash
'Gotta take a Pie and Mash'

Pie And Mash More about Pie And Mash
'You got any Pie on ya?'

Pie and Mash More about Pie and Mash
'Just had a pie and mash in me car'

Pieces of Eight More about Pieces of Eight Weight

Pied Piper More about Pied Piper Hyper

Pig's Ear More about Pig Beer

Pimple and Blotch More about Pimple and Blotch Scotch (whiskey)

Pin Pegs More about Pin Pegs Legs
'Nice Pins darlin'!'

Pineapple More about Pineapple Chapel

Pineapple Chunk More about Pineapple Chunk
Bunk (bed)

Ping Pong More about Ping Pong Strong

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