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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter P

Peas and Gravy More about Peas and Gravy Navy

Peas in the Pot More about Peas in the Pot Hot
'Bit peasy in 'ere, innit?'

Pebble Dashed More about Pebble Dashed Smashed
'I got pebble dashed last night'

Peckham Rye More about Peckham Rye

Peckham Rye More about Peckham Rye
'Are you gonna wear your new Peckham Rye?'

Pedal and Crank More about Pedal and Crank Bank
'I'm going to the Pedal & Crank'

Pen and Ink More about Pen and Ink Stink
'Cor your breath don't 'alf Pen and Ink!'

Penelope Cruz More about Penelope Cruz Booze

Penelope Keith More about Penelope Keith Teeth
'She's got nice Penelopes'

Penn'orth of chalk More about Penn Walk
'Take a penn'orth, let me get on with me bloody job.'

Penny A Pound More about Penny A Pound Ground

Peppermint More about Peppermint Skint

Percy Thrower More about Percy Thrower
Mower (gardener)

Percy Thrower More about Percy Thrower
Blower (telephone)
'Lend us ya Percy, I need to make a call.'

Perpetual (Loser) More about Perpetual (Loser) Boozer (pub)
'Oh gawd 'e's a right perpetual loser'

Persian Rug More about Persian Rug Drug
'Got any Persians on you mate?'

Persian Rugs More about Persian Rugs Drugs

Pete Tong More about Pete Tong Wrong
'It's all gone Pete Tong!'

Peter Crouch More about Peter Crouch Grouch
'Oh, he's such a Peter!'

Peter Pan More about Peter Pan
Old man (father)
'How's your Peter Pan.'

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