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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter P

Pam Shriver More about Pam Shriver Fiver

Paper Hat More about Paper Hat Prat

Paraffin Lamp More about Paraffin Lamp Tramp
'Have a wash ya' smelly paraffin'

Paraffin Oil More about Paraffin Oil Boil
'I've got a Paraffin on me Isa'

Park Benches More about Park Benches Frenchies (people from France)
'There's a load of park benches over there.'

Parrafin Lamp More about Parrafin Lamp Tramp

Pat Cash More about Pat Cash Slash (urinate)
'Just goin' to the loo for a quick Pat Cash.'

Pat Malone More about Pat Malone Alone

Patrick Mcnee More about Patrick Mcnee Wee
'I'm desperate for a Patrick'

Patrick Swayze More about Patrick Swayze
'Your Patrick Swayze mate!'

Patrick Swayze More about Patrick Swayze
'He's a bit Patrick Swayze inne'

Patsy Cline More about Patsy Cline Line (cocaine)
'I'll sort out a few Patsy's mate'

Paul Dickov More about Paul Dickov Kick off

Paul Mckenna More about Paul Mckenna Tenner (10 pound note)

Paul Weller More about Paul Weller Stella (beer)

Pavarotti More about Pavarotti Ten pounds
'Lend us a Pavarotti'

Pea Shooter More about Pea Shooter Hooter (nose)
'He got hit on the Pea Shooter!'

Pear Halved More about Pear Halved Starved

Pearl Diver More about Pearl Diver Skiver
'He's been off since last Thursday. Says he's Tom and Dick but I reckon he's Pearl Diving.'

Pearly Queen More about Pearly Queen Seen

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