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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter N

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Nervo and Knox More about Nervo and Knox
Goggle box (television)

Nervous Wreck More about Nervous Wreck Cheque

Neves More about Neves 7

New Delhi More about New Delhi Belly

Newgate Gaol More about Newgate Gaol Tale

Newington Butts More about Newington Butts Guts

Nick Cotton More about Nick Cotton Rotten
'It's all gone a bit Nick Cotton'

Nicker More about Nicker 1 pound
'Lend us a Nicker mate'

Nicky Lauder More about Nicky Lauder Powder (cocaine)
'Can you get me a gram of Nicky?'

Nifty More about Nifty

Nigel Benn More about Nigel Benn Ten (pounds)
'Lend us a Nigel.'

Nigel Mansell More about Nigel Mansell Cancel
'Got to Nigel Mansell my subscription'

Nightboat To Cairo More about Nightboat To Cairo Giro

Nina Simone More about Nina Simone Phone
'Stop rabbitting on the Nina and put the Frank Skinner on woman'

No hope More about No hope Soap
'Can you pass me the no hope?'

Noah's Ark More about Noah

Noah's Ark More about Noah

Nobby Stiles More about Nobby Stiles Piles

Noddy Holders More about Noddy Holders Shoulders
'I've a right pain in me Noddy Holders !'

North and South More about North and South Mouth
'Shut yer North and South.'

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