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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Mickey Mouse More about Mickey Mouse House

Mickey Rourke More about Mickey Rourke Pork

Micky Mouse More about Micky Mouse Scouse(originating from Liverpool)
'He's a Micky Mouser.'

Midland Bank More about Midland Bank Wank (masturbate)

Mikkel Becks More about Mikkel Becks Specs (spectacles)

Milky Way More about Milky Way Gay
'He' s a little Milky'

Millwal In Riot More about Millwal In Riot Pirate
'These DVD's are all Millwall In Riot'

Milton Keynes More about Milton Keynes Jeans

Mince Pies More about Mince Pies Eyes
'Lovely pair of Minces my gal has.'

Minnie Driver More about Minnie Driver Fiver
'He owes me a Minnie.'

Missing Link More about Missing Link Chink (chinese person)
'That geezer is a Missing Link.'

Moby Dick More about Moby Dick
'That kid down the pub was a right Moby'

Moby Dick More about Moby Dick

Mods and Rockers More about Mods and Rockers Knockers
'Look at the Mods and Rockers on that bird!'

Molly Malone More about Molly Malone Phone

Molly O'Morgan More about Molly O Organ

Molten Toffee More about Molten Toffee Coffee
'Fancy a nice cuppa Molten.'

Money Pits More about Money Pits Tits (stripper's breasts)

Monkey More about Monkey
500 pounds
'Could you lend me a Monkey?'

Monkey Wrench More about Monkey Wrench Wench

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