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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Mother and Daughter More about Mother and Daughter Quarter

Mother Goose More about Mother Goose Loose
'This wheel's a bit Mother Goose'

Mother Hubbard More about Mother Hubbard Cupboard

Mother of Pearl More about Mother of Pearl Girl

Mother's Ruin More about Mother Gin

Mozambique More about Mozambique Keek

Mrs Chant More about Mrs Chant Aunt

Mrs Duckett More about Mrs Duckett Bucket

Mum and Dad More about Mum and Dad Mad

Murray-Mint More about Murray-Mint Skint (broke)

Mushy Peas More about Mushy Peas Keys
'Ohl Barry White,I've forgotten me Mushy Peas.'

Muswell Hill More about Muswell Hill Bill
'Can I get the Muswell mate.'

Mutt and Jeff More about Mutt and Jeff Deaf
'You'll have to speak up, 'e's a bit Mutton'

Myleene Klass More about Myleene Klass Arse
'What a Myleene!'

Mystic Megs More about Mystic Megs
'Have you seen the Mystics on that?'

Mystic Megs More about Mystic Megs

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