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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Me and You More about Me and You Menu

mechanical digger More about mechanical digger Nigger

Melody Lingers More about Melody Lingers Fingers
'I had to give up the violin; my Melodies were too short.'

Melvyn Bragg More about Melvyn Bragg Shag

Merchant Banker More about Merchant Banker Wanker

Merchant Navy More about Merchant Navy Gravy
'Pass the Merchant.'

Merlyn Rees More about Merlyn Rees Piece (lunch)

Merryheart More about Merryheart Tart

Meryl streep More about Meryl streep Cheap
'That car is well Meryl Streep'

Metal Mickey More about Metal Mickey Sickie
''Es pulled a Metal Mickey today'

Metric Miles More about Metric Miles Piles (hemorrhoids)

Mexican Wave More about Mexican Wave Shave
'I am away to have a shower and a Mexican'

Michael Caine More about Michael Caine Pain

Michael Miles More about Michael Miles Piles (hemorrhoids)

Michael Schumachers More about Michael Schumachers Knackers (testicles)
'Interestingly, Schumacher is German for Cobbler too!'

Michael Winner More about Michael Winner Dinner

Mick Jagger More about Mick Jagger Pint of lager
'Purported to be Scottish rhyming slang? Hmm ...'

Mickey Duff More about Mickey Duff Puff (marijuana)

Mickey Monk More about Mickey Monk Drunk
'Jesus, I'm Mickey Monk!'

Mickey Most More about Mickey Most Toast

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