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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Michael Winner More about Michael Winner Dinner

Mikkel Becks More about Mikkel Becks Specs (spectacles)

Mile and a Quarter More about Mile and a Quarter Daughter

Milton Keynes More about Milton Keynes Jeans

Mince Pies More about Mince Pies Eyes
'Lovely pair of Minces my gal has.'

Minnie Driver More about Minnie Driver Fiver
'He owes me a Minnie.'

Moby Dick More about Moby Dick

Mods and Rockers More about Mods and Rockers Knockers
'Look at the Mods and Rockers on that bird!'

Molly Malone More about Molly Malone Phone

Molly O'Morgan More about Molly O Organ

Molten Toffee More about Molten Toffee Coffee
'Fancy a nice cuppa Molten.'

Monkey More about Monkey
500 pounds
'Could you lend me a Monkey?'

Monkey Wrench More about Monkey Wrench Wench

Monkey's Tails More about Monkey Nails

Monty's Army More about Monty Barmy
'I'm Monty's Army over that Twist and Twirl.'

Mop and Broom More about Mop and Broom Fruit of the Loom
'Get yer mops on'

Morecombe & Wise More about Morecombe & Wise Flies

Moriarty More about Moriarty Party

Mork and Mindy More about Mork and Mindy
'It's a bit Mork and Mindy today. Nearly blew me Titfer right orf!'

Mork and Mindy More about Mork and Mindy

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