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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Manhole Cover More about Manhole Cover Brother

Mariah Carey More about Mariah Carey Scary

Marie Correlli More about Marie Correlli Telly

Marilyn Manson More about Marilyn Manson Hansome
'Your looking Marilyn Manson today'

Marilyn Monroes More about Marilyn Monroes Toes

Mark Ramprakash More about Mark Ramprakash Slash (urinate)

Market Stalls More about Market Stalls Balls
'I got itchy Markets'

Marquis de Sade More about Marquis de Sade Hard (Erection)
'Look at the Marquis on that Geezer!'

Mars and Venus More about Mars and Venus Penis

Mars Bar More about Mars Bar Scar

Marti Pellow More about Marti Pellow Yellow
'(In snooker) He's goin' for the Marti!'

Martial Arts More about Martial Arts Darts

Martin Kemp More about Martin Kemp Hemp
'Got any martin???'

Martini More about Martini Lambourghini
'Yeah, I'll ave a Lambourghini'

Mary Rose More about Mary Rose Nose
'Keep yer Mary outa me business mate'

Master Mcgrath More about Master Mcgrath Bra

Matt Le Tiss More about Matt Le Tiss Piss
'I'm dying for a matt le tiss'

Matthew Kelly More about Matthew Kelly
'"I've got a bit of Shania in me Matthew Kelly"'

Matthew Kelly More about Matthew Kelly
'what's on the Matthew Kelly tonight mate?'

Maurice Gibb More about Maurice Gibb Fib
'Oi, you tellin' a Maurice?'

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