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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter M

Maca More about Maca Crap (Macaroni = Pony, Pony = Pony and Trap, Pony and Trap = Crap)

Macaroni More about Macaroni 25 pounds (Pony)

Macaroni Cheese More about Macaroni Cheese Keys
'Have you seen me Macaronis?'

Mae West More about Mae West Best

Maggie's Den More about Maggie Number Ten (Downing Street)

Magnus Pike More about Magnus Pike Dyke (lesbian)

Mahatma Ghandi More about Mahatma Ghandi
'Mahatma and coke please'

Mahatma Ghandi More about Mahatma Ghandi
'I'll have a pint of Mahatma, mate'

Mailed and Sent More about Mailed and Sent Bent (homosexual)

Major Loda More about Major Loda Soda

Major Stevens More about Major Stevens Evens (betting)

Mal Meninga More about Mal Meninga Finger

Malcolm in the Middle More about Malcolm in the Middle Piddle (urinate)
'I'm going for a Malcolm, mate...'

Malcolm X More about Malcolm X Text (message)
'Send us a Malcolm when you get there'

Malky Fraser More about Malky Fraser Razor
'You're gettin a malky'

Mammy's Smiles More about Mammy Piles (haemorrhoids)
'That vindaloo is playing hell with my Mammies.'

Man From Cairo More about Man From Cairo Giro ( dole)
'Poppin' down the post office for my Man From Cairo.'

Mandy Dingle More about Mandy Dingle Single
'Is that bird still mandy dingle?'

Mandy Dingles More about Mandy Dingles Shingles
'How are your Mandy Dingles?'

Manfred Mann More about Manfred Mann Plan

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