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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter L

Lester Piggot More about Lester Piggot Bigot

Life and Death More about Life and Death Breath
'Ooh, that hill! I'm almost out of Life and Death'

Light and Dark More about Light and Dark Park

Lightning Ridge More about Lightning Ridge Fridge
'Have a look in the Lightning Ridge.'

Lilian Gish More about Lilian Gish Fish

Lilley and Skinner More about Lilley and Skinner

Lilley and Skinner More about Lilley and Skinner

Lily the Pink More about Lily the Pink Drink
'Your Lily mate !'

Linen Draper More about Linen Draper Paper (newspaper)

Lionel Blair More about Lionel Blair Nightmare

Lionel Blaire More about Lionel Blaire
Flares (wide bottom trousers)

Lionel Blaire More about Lionel Blaire

Lion's Lair More about Lion Chair

Lisa Tarbucks More about Lisa Tarbucks Starbucks
'Let's head for Lisa Tarbucks!'

Listerine More about Listerine Doesn't like Americans (from antiseptic -> anti-Septic Tank)
'Can't stand George Bush and I'm a Listerine too'

Little and Large More about Little and Large Marge

Little Jack Horner More about Little Jack Horner Corner
'Just around the Little Jack Horner!'

Liz Hurley More about Liz Hurley Early
'Bleedin' 'eck, you're here a bit Liz Hurley aincha?'

Liza Minnelli More about Liza Minnelli Telly
'What's on the Liza'

Loaf of Bread More about Loaf of Bread Head
'Use yer Loaf!'

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