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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter L

Lee Van Cleef More about Lee Van Cleef Grief
'Can't go to the pub tonight mate, the wife will give me Lee Van Cleef!'

Left in the Lurch More about Left in the Lurch Church

Left Jab More about Left Jab Cab (taxi)

Leg of Lamb More about Leg of Lamb Gramme
'Can I have a leg of that mate?'

Legs More about Legs 11

Lemon and Dash More about Lemon and Dash Slash (urinate)

Lemon and Lime More about Lemon and Lime Crime

Lemon Barley More about Lemon Barley Charlie ( Coke )
'I'm clukin for a line of the ol' Lemon.'

Lemon Curd More about Lemon Curd
'I just nearly trod on that lemon curd'

Lemon Curd More about Lemon Curd
''ave a Lemon Curd with yourself'

Lemon Lime More about Lemon Lime Crime

Lemon Squash More about Lemon Squash Wash
'Gotta ave a quick lemon'

Lemon Squeesy More about Lemon Squeesy Easy

Lemon Squeezer More about Lemon Squeezer Geezer

Lemon Tart More about Lemon Tart Smart
'Don't get Lemon wiv me, son!'

Lemony Snicket More about Lemony Snicket Ticket
'Get some Lemonys for the footy'

Leo Sayer More about Leo Sayer All dayer (all day drinking session)

Les Dennis More about Les Dennis Tennis
'When's the Les Dennis on?'

Lesley Crowthers More about Lesley Crowthers Trousers

Leslie Ash More about Leslie Ash Slash

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