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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter K

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Kite More about Kite Cheque

Knight Rider More about Knight Rider Cider
'Grab a bottle of Knight Rider too.'

Knobbly Knees More about Knobbly Knees Keys

Kornikova More about Kornikova The once over (eye someone up)
'Give someone the Kornikova.'

Kuala Lumpar More about Kuala Lumpar Jumper

Kym Marsh More about Kym Marsh Harsh
'That's a bit Kym Marsh'

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  • Tweet BAYDON POWELL means TROWEL #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet WHISKEY AND SODA means SKODA #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet JONATHAN ROSS'D means LOST #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet JANE FONDA means WANDER #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang
  • Tweet STRAWBERRY RHONE means PHONE #cockney #london #slang #cockneyrhymingslang

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