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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter J

Jeremiah More about Jeremiah Fire

Jeremy Beadle More about Jeremy Beadle Needle
'He's got the right Jeremy.'

Jerry Cottle More about Jerry Cottle Bottle

Jerry O'Gorman More about Jerry O Mormon

Jet Fighter More about Jet Fighter All nighter
'We're going on a Jet Fighter'

Jet Li More about Jet Li Pee

Jethro (Tull) More about Jethro (Tull) Skull
'I bust an Aristostle over his Jethro'

Jim Bob Babs More about Jim Bob Babs Crabs
'Bleeding Nora, I just caught a case of Jim Bobs!'

Jim Fenner More about Jim Fenner Tenner
'Where's that Jim you owe me?'

Jim Skinner More about Jim Skinner Dinner

Jimi Hendrix More about Jimi Hendrix Appendix
'I just 'ad mi Jimi Hendrix taken out.'

Jiminee Cricket More about Jiminee Cricket Ticket
'I've just bought a pair of Jiminees.'

Jimmy Cliff More about Jimmy Cliff Smell (whiff)
'Cor, it don't half Jimmy round here.'

Jimmy Connors More about Jimmy Connors Honours
'Do the Jimmy Connors, mate'

Jimmy Giraffe More about Jimmy Giraffe Laugh
'Your 'avin a Jimmy'

Jimmy Greaves More about Jimmy Greaves Thieves

Jimmy Hill More about Jimmy Hill

Jimmy Hill More about Jimmy Hill
Bill (statement)

Jimmy Nail More about Jimmy Nail

Jimmy Nail More about Jimmy Nail

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