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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter J

James Dean More about James Dean Keen
'You're a bit James Dean in't ya?'

Jane Fonda More about Jane Fonda Wander
'Off for a Jane Fonda on the dancefloor'

Jay Kay More about Jay Kay Take Away
'Fancy a jay-kay after this?'

Jay-Z More about Jay-Z Cup of tea
'Make me a Jay-Z'

Jazz Bands More about Jazz Bands Hands
'My Jazz Bands are cold'

Jean Michell More about Jean Michell Jar (drink)
'Fancy a few Jean Michells later'

Jean-Claude van Damme More about Jean-Claude van Damme Spam
'Argh, I can't check me emails for all this Jean-Claude van Damme!'

Jeff Beck More about Jeff Beck Neck

Jeffrey Dahmer More about Jeffrey Dahmer Charmer
'He's quite a Jeffrey, your boyfriend'

Jekyll and Hyde More about Jekyll and Hyde Snide (fake)
'Bought a Jekyll watch down the market'

Jekyll and Hydes More about Jekyll and Hydes Strides (trousers)

Jellied Eel More about Jellied Eel
'I'll give ya a great jelly on it'

Jellied Eel More about Jellied Eel

Jellied Eel More about Jellied Eel
'Darren you fookin' Jelly'

Jelly Bone More about Jelly Bone Phone
'Aw me Jelly's vibrating'

Jelly Roll Blues More about Jelly Roll Blues News

Jelly Tot More about Jelly Tot Spot
'Thats a wicked jelly tot on your boat'

Jenny Lee More about Jenny Lee Flea

Jenny Powell More about Jenny Powell Towel

Jenson Button More about Jenson Button
'She's Jenson Button dressed as lamb I reckon'

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