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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter H

Harry Tate More about Harry Tate

Harry Tate More about Harry Tate
Sugar (Tate and Lyle)

Harry Worth More about Harry Worth Turf
'It's not happening on my Harry!'

Harvey Nichols More about Harvey Nichols Pickles

Hat and Scarf More about Hat and Scarf Laugh
'You 'avin a Hat and Scarf mate or what.'

Hatti Jaques More about Hatti Jaques Shakes

Hay Stack More about Hay Stack Back

Haywards Heath More about Haywards Heath Teeth

Heap of Coke More about Heap of Coke Bloke

Hearts of Oak More about Hearts of Oak Broke (financially bereft)

Heavenly Bliss More about Heavenly Bliss Kiss
'Me and me Lemon Curd Heavenly Bliss all the time'

Hedge and Ditch More about Hedge and Ditch Pitch (stall or stand)

Henry Moore More about Henry Moore Door

Henry Neville More about Henry Neville Devil
'What the Henry Neville is going on ?'

Henry the Eighth More about Henry the Eighth Eighth (of cannabis)
'Sort me out an Enry'

Herring Bone More about Herring Bone Phone

Hey Diddle Diddle More about Hey Diddle Diddle Middle

Hickory Docks More about Hickory Docks Socks

Highland Fling More about Highland Fling Ring

Hillman Hunters More about Hillman Hunters Punters

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