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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter G

Giraffe More about Giraffe Laugh
'Yer 'avin' a Giraffe, pal!'

Glasgow Rangers More about Glasgow Rangers Strangers

Glen Campbell More about Glen Campbell Gamble
'Go on son, take a Glen.'

Glenn Hoddle More about Glenn Hoddle Doddle (easy or straight forward)

God Forbid More about God Forbid
Child (kid)

God Forbid More about God Forbid

Godforsaken More about Godforsaken Bacon

God's Glory More about God Gory
'Blimey that film was God's'

Gold Watch More about Gold Watch
Scotch (whiskey)
'Fancy a gold watch, before you go?'

Gold Watch More about Gold Watch
Scotch (whiskey)

Goldie Hawn More about Goldie Hawn Porn
'Just havin' a flick thru me Goldie.'

Gooseberry Puddin' More about Gooseberry Puddin Woman

Goose's Neck More about Goose Cheque

Gordon and Gotch More about Gordon and Gotch Watch

Gordon Brown More about Gordon Brown Clown
'Can be used against any jokers, e.g My manager is a bit of a 'Gordon''

Gorky Park More about Gorky Park Dark

Grand More about Grand
'Bought a new motor, only a grand'

Grant Hackettt More about Grant Hackettt Jacket
'Just let me grab my Grant Hackett.'

Gravy Lumps More about Gravy Lumps Dumps

Green Eggs and Ham More about Green Eggs and Ham Exam

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