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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter G

Geoff Hurst More about Geoff Hurst
Burst (urinate)

George Best More about George Best Chest

George Bush More about George Bush Mush (Face)
'He clocked 'im one right in the George'

George Cole More about George Cole Dole

George Michael More about George Michael
'I'm George Michaeling to work today'

George Michael More about George Michael
Menstrual cycle
'Me girlfriend's on the George Michael'

George Raft More about George Raft Draught

Georgie Bests More about Georgie Bests Breasts

Georgio Armani More about Georgio Armani Sarnie
'Poppin' out for a quick Georgio Armani'

German Band More about German Band Hand

German Beer More about German Beer Engineer

German Cruiser More about German Cruiser Boozer
'Lets go down the German'

German Fighter More about German Fighter Lighter
'Borrow us your German Fighter'

Germolene More about Germolene Antiseptic (Anti American)
'I ain't Germolene, but Bush gives me the ravin' 'ump.'

Gert and Daisy More about Gert and Daisy Crazy

Gertie Gitana More about Gertie Gitana Banana

Gianluca Vialli More about Gianluca Vialli Charlie (cocaine)

Gilly Mint More about Gilly Mint Bint
'You silly Gilly Mint.'

Ginger Ale More about Ginger Ale Jail

Ginger Beer More about Ginger Beer

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