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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter F

Fred Mcmurrays More about Fred Mcmurrays Worries

Fred West More about Fred West Vest
'Oi Treacle!! Pass us me Fred West!'

French Egg (en ouef) More about French Egg (en ouef) Enough
'I've had a french egg'

French Plait More about French Plait Flat
'Do you fancy coming back to my French Plait for a bevi?'

Friar Tuck More about Friar Tuck

Fridge Freezer More about Fridge Freezer Geezer

Frog and Toad More about Frog and Toad Road

Front Wheel Skid More about Front Wheel Skid Yid (Jew)

Fruit (Gum) More about Fruit (Gum) Chum
'Alright me old Fruit?'

Fruit and Nuts More about Fruit and Nuts Guts
'I've copped it in the Fruit and Nuts'

Funk Soul Brother More about Funk Soul Brother Lover
'Leave off mate that's me funk soul yer speakin' ter'

Fur rugs More about Fur rugs Drugs
'You got any fur rugs?'

Furry Boots More about Furry Boots Where abouts
'Furry Boots you going?'

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