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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter F

Foot Pump More about Foot Pump Dump

Fore and Aft More about Fore and Aft Daft

Forest Gump More about Forest Gump Dump
'I'm dying for a Forest.'

Fork and Knife More about Fork and Knife Wife

Forrest Gump More about Forrest Gump
'I'm avin'a Forrest, leave me be.'

Forsythe Saga More about Forsythe Saga Lager

Four by Two More about Four by Two
'I'm busting for a Four by Two'

Four Seasons More about Four Seasons Reasons

Frank and Pat More about Frank and Pat Chat
'It was nice having this Frank and Pat'

Frank Bough More about Frank Bough Off

Frank Skinner More about Frank Skinner Dinner
'What did you have for yer Frank Skinner?'

Frankie DeTory More about Frankie DeTory Story
'What's the Frankie?'

Frankie Howard More about Frankie Howard Coward
'Anytime there's a Barney, he Scapas like a Frankie Howard'

Franky Vaughan More about Franky Vaughan Porn
'Watching a Franky Vaughan tonight?'

Franz Klammer More about Franz Klammer Hammer
'Pass me the Franz Klammer'

Frasier Crane More about Frasier Crane Pain
'He's a right Frasier'

Frazer Nash More about Frazer Nash Slash (urinate)

Fred Astaire More about Fred Astaire
'Chuck us over a Fred Astaire'

Fred Astaire More about Fred Astaire
'You had your Fred done?'

Fred McMurray More about Fred McMurray Curry
'Going for a Fred'

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