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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter D

Dinner Plate More about Dinner Plate Mate

Dirty Beast More about Dirty Beast Priest

Dirty Den More about Dirty Den

Dirty Den More about Dirty Den

Dixie Deans More about Dixie Deans Jeans

Do As You Likey More about Do As You Likey Pikey

Do Me Goods More about Do Me Goods Woods (Woodbines)

Doctor Crippen More about Doctor Crippen Bread and dripping

Dodge And Swerve More about Dodge And Swerve Perv (look at girls)
'Going down to the Nuclear Sub for a bit of a Dodge?'

Dog and Bone More about Dog and Bone
'Who's that on the Dog and Bone then?'

Dog and Lead More about Dog and Lead Weed
'I lost my Dog and Lead.'

Dog's Eye More about Dog Meat Pie

Dog's Knob More about Dog Job

Dolly Mixtures More about Dolly Mixtures Pictures

Dome Good More about Dome Good Wood

Don Revie More about Don Revie Bevvy (drink)
'Are we going for a couple of Don Revies tonight'

Donald Duck More about Donald Duck

Donald Duck(ing) More about Donald Duck(ing) Clucking - When you are craving more heroin
'Ee's got the Donalds really bad.'

Donald Trump More about Donald Trump
'Had a Donald Trump in the back of the car'

Doner Kebab More about Doner Kebab Stab
'Harry got Doner Kebebbed last night'

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