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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter D

Dennis and Gnasher More about Dennis and Gnasher Badger
'Oh fiddlesticks! I just ran over a dennis!!'

Dental Flosser More about Dental Flosser Tosser
'That geeza's a right dental flosser.'

Derby Kelly More about Derby Kelly Belly

Derry and Tom More about Derry and Tom Bomb

Desmond Hackett More about Desmond Hackett Jacket

Desmond Tutu More about Desmond Tutu Two-two (degree result)

Desperate Dans More about Desperate Dans Cans (headphones)

Diamond Rocks More about Diamond Rocks Socks
'Chuck us me Diamonds.'

Dibs and Dabs More about Dibs and Dabs Crabs
'Last time I go wiv 'er, the filthy cow 'ad a touch of the Dibs and Dabs.'

Dickie Bird More about Dickie Bird Third (class degree)
'I got a Dicky Bird in my degree.'

Dicky Bird More about Dicky Bird Word
'I'm 'aven't 'eard a Dicky Bird about it.'

Dicky Dirt More about Dicky Dirt Shirt
'Startin' my new job today. Better put on my best Dicky Dirt.'

Didgeridoo More about Didgeridoo Clue
'Sorry mate, haven't got a Didgeridoo.'

Diet Coke More about Diet Coke Joke
'London Transport is a Diet Coke!'

Dig in the grave More about Dig in the grave Shave

Digeridoo More about Digeridoo Screw (prison office)

Ding Dong More about Ding Dong
'Give us a puff of the ding dong'

Ding Dong More about Ding Dong
'Let's all 'av a bit of a ding dong!'

Ding Dong Bell More about Ding Dong Bell Hell

Dinky Doo More about Dinky Doo Twenty two

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