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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter D

Davey Crocket More about Davey Crocket Pocket
'Take ya hands out ya Davey!'

David Batty More about David Batty Tatty
'That rags looking a little Batty'

David Blaine More about David Blaine Insane
'What am I doing? I must be going David Blaine!'

David Gower More about David Gower Shower

David Jason More about David Jason Mason
'You can tell he's a David Jason by the look of 'im'

David Mellor More about David Mellor Stella (beer)

David Starkey More about David Starkey Parky (cold)
'It's a bit David oot mate!'

Davy Crockett More about Davy Crockett Pocket

Dawn French More about Dawn French Stench
'Phew there's a Dawn French coming out of those drains today. '

Dawson's Creek More about Dawson Streak
'I remember Erica doing a Dawsons like it was yesterday'

Day Trippers More about Day Trippers Slippers

Day's Dawning More about Day Morning

Day's Work More about Day 100

De La Soul More about De La Soul Dole

Dead Horse More about Dead Horse Sauce

Dead Loss More about Dead Loss Boss
'My Dead Loss is threatening me with the Tin Tack'

Deaf and Dumb More about Deaf and Dumb Bum

Deep Fat Fryer More about Deep Fat Fryer Liar
'You're just a Deep Fat Fryer.'

Deep Sea Diver More about Deep Sea Diver 5 pounds (fiver)

Deep Sea Glider More about Deep Sea Glider Cider

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