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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Country Cousin More about Country Cousin Dozen

Cousin Kyle More about Cousin Kyle Paedophile (from the TV series South Park)

Cow and Calf More about Cow and Calf Half (a pint)

Cow's calf More about Cow
50 pence
'Lend me a Cow's Calf for my bus fare.'

Cow's Calf More about Cow

Cozzer's More about Cozzer Cops

Crabs More about Crabs Doner Kebabs
'That old brass gave me the Doner Kebabs.'

Cream Cookie More about Cream Cookie Bookie

Cream Crackered More about Cream Crackered Knackered

Cream Crackers More about Cream Crackers Knackers
'She got me right in the Cream Crackers'

Cream Rice More about Cream Rice Nice
'That was cream rice!'

Cribbage Pegs More about Cribbage Pegs Legs
''and right through my Rank and Riches did my Cribbage Pegs burst''

Crispy Duck More about Crispy Duck Fuck
'Couldn't give a Crispy Duck mate!'

Crosby, Stills and Nash More about Crosby, Stills and Nash Cash

Crown Jewels More about Crown Jewels Tools

Crust of Bread More about Crust of Bread Head

Cuddle and Kiss More about Cuddle and Kiss Miss (girl)

Cuff Link More about Cuff Link Drink
'Let's go down the Rubber Dub and have a Cuff Link'

cunt flap More about cunt flap slap
'I'm gonna cunt flap u if u dont shut up'

Cup of tea, sausage and a slice. More about Cup of tea, sausage and a slice. Nice
'He's a real cuppa geezer.'

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