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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Cold Chill More about Cold Chill Old Bill (Police)
'He went off with the cold chill.'

Colney Hatch More about Colney Hatch Match
'Got any Colneys ?'

Colonel Gadaffi More about Colonel Gadaffi Cafe

Commodore More about Commodore 15 pounds
'Lend us a Commodore mate.'

Conan Doyle More about Conan Doyle Boil

Condoleezza Rice More about Condoleezza Rice Price
'Check the Condoleezza Rice on that item'

Connaught Ranger More about Connaught Ranger Stranger

Constantino Rocca More about Constantino Rocca Shocker

Cooking Fat More about Cooking Fat Cat
'Don't tease the cooking fat !'

Copacabana More about Copacabana Spanner

Corn Beef More about Corn Beef Teeth
'I'll knock ya Corns out.'

Corn On the Cob More about Corn On the Cob

Corned Beef More about Corned Beef Deef (Deaf)
'Och, are ye Corned Beef or something?'

Cornish Pasty More about Cornish Pasty Nasty
'That's a bit Cornish Pasty aint it?'

Country Cousin More about Country Cousin Dozen

Cousin Kyle More about Cousin Kyle Paedophile (from the TV series South Park)

Cow and Calf More about Cow and Calf Half (a pint)

Cow's Calf More about Cow

Cow's calf More about Cow
50 pence
'Lend me a Cow's Calf for my bus fare.'

Cozzer's More about Cozzer Cops

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