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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Chicken Plucker More about Chicken Plucker Fucker
'He's a right Chicken Plucker 'im'

Chicker More about Chicker Haircut

China Plate More about China Plate Mate
'Alright me old china?'

Chinese Blind More about Chinese Blind Mind

Chinese Chippy More about Chinese Chippy Nippy
'Its a bit Chinese Chippy out there'

Ching More about Ching 5

Chip Butty More about Chip Butty Nutty
'That geezers a bit Chip Butty'

Chipmunks More about Chipmunks Trunks

Chips And Peas More about Chips And Peas Knees
'My Chips And Peas are sore.'

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang More about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cockney Rhyming Slang

Chocolate Frog More about Chocolate Frog Wog
'My friend's a Chocolate Frog.'

Chocolate Fudge More about Chocolate Fudge Judge

Chop Sticks More about Chop Sticks Six (in bingo)

Christian Ziege More about Christian Ziege Eager
''He's a bit Christian''

Christmas Crackered More about Christmas Crackered Knackered (tired)

Christmas Eve More about Christmas Eve Believe

Church Pews More about Church Pews Shoes
'Bought a new pair of Churches.'

Cilla Black More about Cilla Black Back
'Gawd, me Cilla's playing up again!'

Cinderella More about Cinderella Stella (beer)
'I've been drinkin' Cinderellas all night'

Claire Rayners More about Claire Rayners Trainers

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