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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Cherie Blair More about Cherie Blair Penalty Fare
'I jumped of the tube and got Cheried'

Cherry Hogg More about Cherry Hogg Dog

Cherry Pie More about Cherry Pie Lie
'U're tellin a Cherry ain't ya son!!'

Cherry Ripe More about Cherry Ripe Pipe

Cheryl Crow More about Cheryl Crow Snow

Chevy Chase More about Chevy Chase Face
''E's got ketchup all over 'is Chevy Chase'

Chew the fat More about Chew the fat Chat

Chicken and Rice More about Chicken and Rice Nice

Chicken Dinner More about Chicken Dinner Winner
'Everyone's a Chicken Dinner.'

Chicken Dipper More about Chicken Dipper Stripper
'Didn't you know Julie's a Chicken Dipper now?'

Chicken Dippers More about Chicken Dippers Slippers

Chicken Jalfrezi More about Chicken Jalfrezi Crazy
'He's Chicken Jalfrezi.'

Chicken Oriental More about Chicken Oriental
'You're chicken oriental pal, you know that don't you'

Chicken Oriental More about Chicken Oriental
Mental (crazy)

Chicker More about Chicker Haircut

China Plate More about China Plate Mate
'Alright me old china?'

Chinese Blind More about Chinese Blind Mind

Ching More about Ching 5

Chipmunks More about Chipmunks Trunks

Chips And Peas More about Chips And Peas Knees
'My Chips And Peas are sore.'

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