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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter C

Captain Kirk More about Captain Kirk
'Can't be bothered to go to Captain Kirk, think I'll pull a Metal Mickey'

Captain Kirk More about Captain Kirk

Caption Cook More about Caption Cook Book

Carpet More about Carpet 3

Carving Knife More about Carving Knife Wife

Cat and Cages More about Cat and Cages Wages

Cat and Dog More about Cat and Dog Bog

Cat and Mouse More about Cat and Mouse House

Catherine Zeta Jones More about Catherine Zeta Jones Moans
'Here she goes with her Zeta Jones.'

Cellar Flap More about Cellar Flap Tap (borrow)

Central Heating More about Central Heating Meeting
'I just been to the Central about the new building.'

Centre Half More about Centre Half Scarf
'It's a bit taters I'll wear my centre half'

Century More about Century
One hundred pounds

Century More about Century

C'est La Vie More about C Pee
'Oi garcon, je require un C'est La Vie.'

Chairman Mao More about Chairman Mao Cow
'Look at the udders on that Chairman!'

Chalfonts St. Giles More about Chalfonts St. Giles Piles (haemorrhoids)
'Ooh, me Chalfonts are givin' me gyp!'

Chalk Farm More about Chalk Farm Arm
''E's got one of 'is Chalk Farms in a sling.'

Charing Cross More about Charing Cross Horse

Charing Crosser More about Charing Crosser Tosser

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