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Cockney Rhyming Slang Letter B

Bob Marley More about Bob Marley Charlie (cocaine)
'Any Bob Marly around?'

Bob Murray More about Bob Murray Hurry
'Come on I'm in a Bob Murray'

Bob Squash More about Bob Squash Wash

Boba Fett More about Boba Fett Wet

Bobbins and Cotton More about Bobbins and Cotton Rotten
'These apples are Bobbins.'

Bobble Hat and Scarf More about Bobble Hat and Scarf Laugh
'Bobble Hat and Scarf, ur having a laugh.'

Bobby Brown More about Bobby Brown Town

Bobby Dylan More about Bobby Dylan Villain
'Right little Bobby Dylan'

Bobby Moore More about Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore More about Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore More about Bobby Moore
20 pounds (score)
''it cost me a bobby moore''

Bobby Moore More about Bobby Moore

Bodie and Doyle More about Bodie and Doyle Oil
'Can you pass me the Bodie and Doyle'

Boiled Beef and Carrots More about Boiled Beef and Carrots Claret (blood)

Boiler House More about Boiler House Spouse

Bonney Fair More about Bonney Fair Hair

Bonnie and Clyde More about Bonnie and Clyde Snide
'That a Bonnie Ralph Loren or a real one?'

Boom and Mizzen More about Boom and Mizzen Prison

Bo-Peep More about Bo-Peep Sleep

Boracic Lint More about Boracic Lint Skint (broke)
'Can't come out tonight, I'm Boracic!'

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