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Union Jack More about Union Jack Back

Unscheduled Meeting More about Unscheduled Meeting Beating
'Shut up or there would be an unscheduled meeting'

Uri Gella More about Uri Gella Pint of Stella
'Get us a pint of Uri.'

Vanessa More about Vanessa £50 (Vanessa Feltz -> half a ton)

Vauxhall Novas More about Vauxhall Novas Jehovas (Witnesses)
'Had the Vauxhall Novas around last night.'

Vera Lynn More about Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn More about Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn More about Vera Lynn
Skin (cigarette paper)

Veronica Lake More about Veronica Lake Brake
'Hit the Veronica, you slag !'

Vicar's Daughter More about Vicar Quarter (often drugs)
'You got a Vicar's of that skunk mate?'

Vincent Price More about Vincent Price Ice

Vincent van Gogh More about Vincent van Gogh

Virginia Wades More about Virginia Wades Shades

Wallace and Grommit More about Wallace and Grommit Vomit

Wally Grout More about Wally Grout Shout (round)

Walnut Whip More about Walnut Whip Trip (acid / ecstasy)

Walter (Mitty) More about Walter (Mitty) Kitty (in the pub)
'Who's got the Walter?'

Watch and Chain More about Watch and Chain Brain
'Don't mind 'im, 'is watch is a bit slow'

Wayne Rooney More about Wayne Rooney Looney
'Don't go near that Geezer, he's a bit of a Wayne Rooney'

Weasel and Stoat More about Weasel and Stoat Coat
'Cor it's taters, I must get me weasel!'

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