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Tea Leafing More about Tea Leafing Thieving

Tea, Two, and a Bloater More about Tea, Two, and a Bloater Motor

Teapot Lid More about Teapot Lid

Teapot Lid More about Teapot Lid

Ted Heath More about Ted Heath Teeth
'Do you like my new Ted Heaths?'

Teddington Lock More about Teddington Lock Sock
'I've lost one of my Teddingtons'

Ten Furlongs Mile and a Quarter More about Ten Furlongs Mile and a Quarter Water

Ten Ounce Rump More about Ten Ounce Rump Dump
'I'm going for a 10er.'

Ten Speed Gears More about Ten Speed Gears Ears

Tennis Racquet More about Tennis Racquet Jacket

Tex Ritter More about Tex Ritter Bitter beer.
'I'll have a pint of Tex'

Thick and Thin More about Thick and Thin Skin

Thirteen Amp More about Thirteen Amp Tramp

This and That More about This and That Cat

Thomas Edison More about Thomas Edison Medicine
'Just been to the doctors to collect my thomas'

Thomas Tilling More about Thomas Tilling Shilling

Thora Hird More about Thora Hird Turd
'Oh! I'm dying for a Thora'

Tick Tock More about Tick Tock Knock

Ticket to the Dance More about Ticket to the Dance Redundance
'He's got a ticket to the dance'

Tick-Tock More about Tick-Tock Clock

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