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Alexei Sayle More about Alexei Sayle Email
'Send us an Alexei Sayle later on with the details.'

Alf Garnett More about Alf Garnett Hair
'Been in the barbers to get something done about me Alf Garnett'

Alfie Moon More about Alfie Moon coon
'That Alfie has stolen my Kentucky!!'

Alger Hiss More about Alger Hiss Piss
'I'm going for a alger'

Ali G More about Ali G Pee
'I need an Ali G'

Ali McGraw More about Ali McGraw Score
'What's the Ali mate?'

Alibi Ike More about Alibi Ike Bike. Alibi Ike was a movie star.

Alice Bands More about Alice Bands Hands
'You're sitting on my Alice Bands!'

All Behind More about All Behind Blind

All Night Rave More about All Night Rave Shave

All Time Loser More about All Time Loser Boozer (pub)

Alligator More about Alligator Later

Almond Rocks More about Almond Rocks Socks

Alphonse More about Alphonse Ponce

Álvaro Arbeloa More about Álvaro Arbeloa Blower (telephone)
'Get that freezer on the Arbeloa, we need to talk'

Anchor Spreadable More about Anchor Spreadable Incredible
'Cor that goal was Anchor Spreadable'

Ancient Greek More about Ancient Greek
'This geezer, he's a right Ancient Greek.'

Ancient Greek More about Ancient Greek

Andrew Marr More about Andrew Marr Car
'I'll have a look in the Andrew Maerr'

Andrew Singer More about Andrew Singer Minger (moaner)

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