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Buster Keaton More about Buster Keaton Meeting

Butcher's Hook More about Butcher Look
'Give us a Butcher's at your paper mate.'

Cab Rank More about Cab Rank Bank

Cabin Cruiser More about Cabin Cruiser Boozer
'Went down to the Cabin Cruiser to watch the match.'

Cadbury's Snack More about Cadbury Back

Cain and Abel More about Cain and Abel Table

Calcutta More about Calcutta Butter
'Pass the Calcutta over here would ya please?'

Callard and Bowsers More about Callard and Bowsers Trousers

Callards More about Callards Trousers

Calvin Klein More about Calvin Klein
'Glass of dry white Calvin please.'

Calvin Klein More about Calvin Klein
Fine (as in nice body!)
'Oi Oi you're Clvin Kein!'

Camel's Hump More about Camel
'He's on the throne having a Camel's.'

Can of Oil More about Can of Oil Boil

Canal Boat More about Canal Boat Tote

Canary Wharf More about Canary Wharf Dwarf
'He´s a Canary.'

Candle Wax More about Candle Wax Tax

Cane and Abel More about Cane and Abel Table

Canterbury Tales More about Canterbury Tales Wales

Cape of Good Hope More about Cape of Good Hope Soap

Captain Cook More about Captain Cook Look

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