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Ricky - (Ricky & Bianca) More about Ricky - (Ricky & Bianca) Wanker
'He's a right Ricky.'

Ricky Gervais More about Ricky Gervais Face
'The geezer had claret all over his Ricky'

Riddick Bowe More about Riddick Bowe B.O
'That girl's got some bad Riddick.'

Rifle Range More about Rifle Range Change

Right Said Fred More about Right Said Fred
'He's Right Said Fred.'

Right Said Fred More about Right Said Fred
'I'll have two slices of Right Said Fred.'

Rigobert Song More about Rigobert Song Thong
'Nice Rigobert she's wearing.'

Ringo Starr More about Ringo Starr Bar
'Lets go for a few Britneys in the Ringo.'

Rink-A-Dink More about Rink-A-Dink Chink (Chinese person)

Rio Ferdinand More about Rio Ferdinand Grand (as in One Thousand Pounds)
'That cost me a Rio Ferdinand. What a rip-off!'

River Nile More about River Nile Denial
'She's definitely in the River Nile'

River Ouse More about River Ouse Booze

Roast Pork More about Roast Pork Fork

Roath More about Roath 4

Rob Roy More about Rob Roy Boy

Robin Hood More about Robin Hood Good

Robinson and Cleaver More about Robinson and Cleaver Fever

Robinson Crusoe More about Robinson Crusoe Do so

Rock and Roll More about Rock and Roll Dole
'Lost me job, now I'm back on the Rock'n'Roll.'

Rock of Ages More about Rock of Ages Wages

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