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Plymouth Argylls More about Plymouth Argylls Piles
'Ooh me Plymouth Argylls are griping today!'

Plymouth Sound More about Plymouth Sound Pound (currency)

Pocket Watch More about Pocket Watch Scotch (whiskey)

Polo Mint More about Polo Mint
'Cant afford it im Polo'

Polo Mint More about Polo Mint

Pontius Pilate More about Pontius Pilate Toilet

Pony More about Pony
25 pounds

Pony and Trap More about Pony and Trap Crap

Poor Man's Gruel More about Poor Man Liverpool
'You support Poor Man's Gruel? You fool!'

Pope in Rome More about Pope in Rome Home

Pork And Cheese More about Pork And Cheese Portuguese
'He's Pork And Cheese - he's Portuguese'

Pork Chop More about Pork Chop Cop
'Lets run from the Pork Chop.'

porky pies More about porky pies

Porky Pies More about Porky Pies
'Stop tellin' me Porkies!'

Porno Mag More about Porno Mag Slag

Posh and Becks More about Posh and Becks Specs (spectacles)
'Pass us me posh and becks'

Posh 'n' Becks More about Posh Sex
'He's off getting some 'Posh'.'

Postage Stamp More about Postage Stamp Tramp

Postman Pat More about Postman Pat
Fat (from the children's TV programme)
'You're a bit Postman '

Postman Pat More about Postman Pat

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