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Pineapple More about Pineapple Chapel

Pineapple Chunk More about Pineapple Chunk
Bunk (bed)

Pineapple Chunk More about Pineapple Chunk
'I think I just swallowed some Pineapple Chunks'

Pineapple Fritter More about Pineapple Fritter Shitter (arse)

Ping Pong More about Ping Pong Strong

Pinky and Perky More about Pinky and Perky Turkey

Pipe Your Eye More about Pipe Your Eye Cry

Pirate ship More about Pirate ship Pile of shit
'It's just a pirate ship'

Pirates Of Penzance More about Pirates Of Penzance Pants

Pistol and Shooter More about Pistol and Shooter Computer

Pitch and Toss More about Pitch and Toss Boss

Pittsburgh Steelers More about Pittsburgh Steelers Peelers (police)

Plates and Dishes More about Plates and Dishes Missus (Mrs)

Plates of Meat More about Plates of Meat Feet
'Me Plates are killin' me!'

Pleasure and Pain More about Pleasure and Pain Rain

Plimsoll Mark More about Plimsoll Mark Park

Pllymouth Argylles More about Pllymouth Argylles Piles

Plonk More about Plonk
Vin Blanc
'Reported came from Army in France in WWI'

Plymouth Argyle More about Plymouth Argyle Style
'I like ya Plymouth Argyle'

Plymouth Argyles More about Plymouth Argyles Piles (haemorroids)
'My Plymouths are killing me!'

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