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String o' Beads More about String o Leeds
'Gonna watch String o' beads tonight'

Sue Lawley More about Sue Lawley Poorly
'I'm feeling a bit Sue Lawley'

Sunday Roast More about Sunday Roast Post

Sunny Dancer More about Sunny Dancer Cancer
'Wot's wrong with him? 'Es got sunny dancer innee?'

Supersonic More about Supersonic
Gin and tonic

Supersonic More about Supersonic

Surrey Docks More about Surrey Docks Pox

Surries (Surrey Docks) More about Surries (Surrey Docks) Pox
'Stay away she's got the Surries'

Swanee River More about Swanee River Liver

Sweaty Sock More about Sweaty Sock

Sweeney Todd More about Sweeney Todd Flying Squad

Swiss Roll More about Swiss Roll Pole (Polish person)

Syrup of Figs More about Syrup of Figs Wig
'That's a definite syrup if ever I saw one!'

T and H More about T and H 8

Tartan Banner More about Tartan Banner Tanner (sixpence)

Tate and Lyle More about Tate and Lyle Style

Taters in the Mould More about Taters in the Mould

Taters in the Mould More about Taters in the Mould
'Blimey it's Taters! Best put on me Weasel.'

Tea Caddy More about Tea Caddy Paddy

Tea Leaf More about Tea Leaf Thief

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