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Spark Plugs More about Spark Plugs Drugs

Speckled Hen More about Speckled Hen Ten (£10)
'Lend us a Speckled son.'

Spiders and Bugs More about Spiders and Bugs Thugs

Spider's web More about Spider Pleb

Sportsman's Bet More about Sportsman Internet
'He spends a lot of time on the Sportsman's .'

Spotty Dog More about Spotty Dog Bog (toilet)
'I just need to pop into the Spotty.'

Sprarsy Anna More about Sprarsy Anna Tanner (sixpence)

Spuds More about Spuds Cold (derived from Potatoes in the Mould)
'It's spuds tonight!'

Squid More about Squid Quid (£1)
'Have you got a Squid.'

Stamford Bridge More about Stamford Bridge Fridge
'Get us a beer out the Stamford.'

Stand At Ease More about Stand At Ease Cheese

Stars & Garters More about Stars & Garters Tomatoes
'Sling some Stars on that breakfast, mate.'

Star's Nap More about Star Tap (borrow)

Starsky and Hutch More about Starsky and Hutch Clutch

Steak and Kidney Pie More about Steak and Kidney Pie Fly

Steam Tug More about Steam Tug Mug (fool)

Steely Dan More about Steely Dan Tan

Steffi Graf More about Steffi Graf Laugh
'He's 'aving a Steffi Graf, right?'

Steve Claridge More about Steve Claridge Garage

Steve McQueen's More about Steve McQueen Jeans

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