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Sheffield United More about Sheffield United Excited
'Calm down, don't get too Sheffield!'

Shepherd's Plaid More about Shepherd Bad

Sherbet Dab More about Sherbet Dab Cab (taxi)

Sherbet Dip More about Sherbet Dip Kip
'I need some Sherbet Dip.'

Shetland Isles More about Shetland Isles Piles

Ship Full Sail More about Ship Full Sail Pint of Ale
'Let's have a Ship.'

Shovel and Pick More about Shovel and Pick Nick (prison)

Shovel and Spade More about Shovel and Spade Blade
'Got a spare Shovel? Gotta 'ave a Dig.'

Sigourney Weaver More about Sigourney Weaver Beaver

Simon Cowell More about Simon Cowell Towel
'I'm going down to the beach, lay on me old Simon and catch me some rays.'

Simon Schamas More about Simon Schamas Pyjamas
'Me grandad's only gone down the quack's in his Simons'

Sinbad the Sailor More about Sinbad the Sailor Tailor

Sistine Chapel More about Sistine Chapel Apple
'That Sistine looks Obie Trice.'

Six and Eight More about Six and Eight State

Skein of Thread More about Skein of Thread Bed

Skin and Blister More about Skin and Blister Sister

Sky Diver More about Sky Diver Fiver (five pounds)

Sky Rocket More about Sky Rocket Pocket

Slander and Libel More about Slander and Libel Bible
'Slander and Libel, I don't Adam and Eve it!'

Slice Pan More about Slice Pan Van

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