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Ronnie Barker More about Ronnie Barker Marker (pen)

Roof Rack More about Roof Rack Back

Roof Tile More about Roof Tile Smile
'Put a Roof on yer Boat.'

Rory McGrath More about Rory McGrath
Half (an ounce of drugs)
'Two Henrys make a Rory'

Rory McGrath More about Rory McGrath
'Havin a Rory McGrath'

Rory O'Moore More about Rory O

Rory O'Moore More about Rory O
'Close the bleedin' Rory!'

Rory O'More More about Rory O Door

Rosie Lee More about Rosie Lee Tea
'Cup of Rosie luv?'

Rouf Cinque More about Rouf Cinque 45

Round the Houses More about Round the Houses Trousers

Roy Hudd More about Roy Hudd Blood
'That'll stop the Toy Hudd for a while'

Roy Hudd's More about Roy Hudd Spuds

Royal Navy More about Royal Navy Gravy
'Pass us the Royal Navy'

Rub A Dub More about Rub A Dub Sub (pay advance)

Rub-A-Dub More about Rub-A-Dub Pub
'Fancy the Rubber?'

Rubber Dub More about Rubber Dub Sub

Rubber Duck More about Rubber Duck

Rubber Glove More about Rubber Glove Love

Rubber Gregory More about Rubber Gregory Bouncing Cheque (Bouncing Gregory Peck)

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