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Army and Navy More about Army and Navy Gravy

Arnold Palmer More about Arnold Palmer Farmer

Artful Dodger More about Artful Dodger Lodger

Arthur Ash More about Arthur Ash Slash
'Going for a quick Arthur'

Arthur Ashe More about Arthur Ashe Cash

Arthur Conan Doyle More about Arthur Conan Doyle Boil
'Clive, get that kettle on the arfur!''

Arthur Fowler More about Arthur Fowler Growler

Arthur Scargill More about Arthur Scargill Gargle (drink)

As You Likey More about As You Likey Pikey

Atilla the Hunn More about Atilla the Hunn 2:1 degree result
'I got an Atilla in maths at Uni.'

Aunt Mabel More about Aunt Mabel Table
'Put the fruit on the Aunt Mabel.'

Aunt Nell More about Aunt Nell Smell

Auntie Ella More about Auntie Ella Umbrella

Auntie Nell More about Auntie Nell Bell
'Give us an Auntie Nell tomorra morning.'

Auntie Nellie More about Auntie Nellie Belly

Auntie Nelly More about Auntie Nelly Telly

Austin Power More about Austin Power Shower
'Just jumping in the Austin'

Ave Maria More about Ave Maria Fire

Ayrton Senna More about Ayrton Senna 10 pounds (tenner)

Baa Lamb More about Baa Lamb Tram

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