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Ann Boleyn More about Ann Boleyn Gin
'You have a Gold Watch, I'll have an Anny'

Annie May Wong More about Annie May Wong Strong
'That's a bit Annie May'

Ant and Dec More about Ant and Dec Cheque
'I'll get the Ant n Dec in the post tonight mate'

Anthea Turner More about Anthea Turner Earner
'A right good little Anthea Turner'

'Apenny Dip More about Ship

Apple Bobbing More about Apple Bobbing Robbing
'He's been out Apple Bobbing again.'

Apple Cider More about Apple Cider Spider
'That Apple Cider has 'orrible 'airy Scotch Eggs'

Apple Core More about Apple Core 20 pounds (Score)

Apple Fritter More about Apple Fritter
Bitter (beer)
'Pint of apple fritter darlin'.'

Apple Pie More about Apple Pie Sky

Apple Pip More about Apple Pip Dip
'Let's go down to Worthing for an Apple Pip.'

Apple Toff More about Apple Toff Do the off

Apples and Pears More about Apples and Pears Stairs
'Up the Apples and Pears to Bedfordshire'

April Fool More about April Fool Tool
''e ad an April wiv im in his 'appy bag'

April Fools More about April Fools

April Fools More about April Fools
Pools (the pools)

April Showers More about April Showers Flowers

Archer More about Archer 2000

Arethusa More about Arethusa Boozer

Aristotle More about Aristotle Bottle

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