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Bernie Winter More about Bernie Winter Printer

Bethnal Greens More about Bethnal Greens Jeans
'Nice pair of Bethnals.'

Better Off Dead More about Better Off Dead Red (communist)

Betty Boo More about Betty Boo Poo
'Where's the lav, I need a Betty!'

Betty Grable More about Betty Grable Table
'Excuse me, I'd like to book a Betty Grable'

Bexley Heath More about Bexley Heath Teeth
'Look at the Bexley's on that'

Bib and Brace More about Bib and Brace Face
'Shut your Bib and Brace.'

Big Ben More about Big Ben Ten

Big Dippers More about Big Dippers Slippers

Bill and Ben More about Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben More about Bill and Ben
'Where's my Bill and Ben.'

Bill and Benner More about Bill and Benner 10 pounds (tenner)
'You got that Bill and Benner you owe me?'

Bill Murray More about Bill Murray Curry

Bill Oddie More about Bill Oddie Voddie (Vodka)

Bill Roffie More about Bill Roffie Coffee
'Fancy a bill roffie mate?'

Billie Piper More about Billie Piper
Windscreen Wiper
'Some slag snapped off me Billies'

Billy Bunter More about Billy Bunter Punter
'Get your finger out there's a queue of Billy Bunters.'

Billy Goat More about Billy Goat

Billy Goat More about Billy Goat
'Some one's Half Inched my Billy Goat!'

Billy Joel More about Billy Joel Dole
'That guy's on the Billy Joel'

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