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Bull and Cow More about Bull and Cow Row (argument)

Bullock's Horn More about Bullock Pawn (in-pawn)

Bullseye More about Bullseye

Bullseye More about Bullseye
50 pounds

Bumble Bee More about Bumble Bee E (Ecstacy)

Bunny Ears More about Bunny Ears Tears

Bunse More about Bunse Money
'How much money did we make last month Del? Loads o' Bunse Rodders, loads o' Bunse!'

Bunsen Burner More about Bunsen Burner Earner
'Nice little Bunsen Burner'

Burnt Cinder More about Burnt Cinder Window

Burt and Ernie More about Burt and Ernie Journey

Burton-On-Trent More about Burton-On-Trent Rent
'I'm so boracic I can't even pay me Burton'

Bushel and Peck More about Bushel and Peck
'Don't forget to wash your Bushel'

Bushel and Peck More about Bushel and Peck
'Goin' down the J Arfer to sausage a bushel (Going down the bank to cash a cheque)'

Bushey Park More about Bushey Park Lark (fun)

Buster Keaton More about Buster Keaton Meeting

Butcher's Hook More about Butcher Look
'Give us a Butcher's at your paper mate.'

Cab Rank More about Cab Rank Bank

Cabin Cruiser More about Cabin Cruiser Boozer
'Went down to the Cabin Cruiser to watch the match.'

Cadbury's Snack More about Cadbury Back

Cain and Abel More about Cain and Abel Table

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